An ACP (Aluminum composite panel) consists of two thin layers of aluminum with a plastic component and has for a long time been used as a common building material.
The plate’s aluminum surface serves as conductor of electricity for the LEDs and also acts as a heat sink. Heat dissipation is so effective that the impact on the powerful LED diodes is minimal.


An LED is an electronic diode that converts energy into light.
LED provides huge benefits in terms of improving both the higher luminous efficiency and longer life than standard incandescent bulbs.
LED is much smaller than other light sources and can be controlled much more precisely. Their strength to size ratio makes it possible to create lighting in forms and shapes not previously possible.


ACPLED technology is a combination of the above two technologies.
LED elements are designed to fit precisely into the ACP, which means the thickness in total is just 6.5 mm.
The unique cooling of the LEDs from the aluminum plates results in a significantly longer lifetime.
Instead of the typical 50,000 hours by conventional LED solutions it has a lifetime of 100,000 hours.
This technology provides a minimal use of electricity and together with recyclable material a very environmentally friendly lamp.


Electrical wires for the product are usually a necessity but on The Plane you only need conventional wiring to the canopy and is therefore not a disruptive element in the minimalist design.
The power is transmitted through the thin wire suspension and passes through the thin aluminum plate to each LED diode.
The wire hanger is adjustable in the canopy and fixed magnetically on the product, so the lamp itself can be adjusted, taken down and re-suspended in seconds.


As a special feature the lamp can be laminated.
The Plane can be laminated not only in colour but also in your own company logo or even wood and stone varieties. Only your imagination set the limit.


The Plane is designed with LED lights above and under the lamp and the light emmission is equal on both sides, enabling the user to switch between direct and indirect lighting.
Using up-light allows for a spacious lighting and the down light illuminates effective and plentiful whether for work or decorative purposes.


In LESSS we are convinced that the need of light is individual and depends greatly on the changing needs and we are therefore able, independently, to determine the intensity of both upwards and downwards light via a user-friendly App for smartphone or tablet.

LED diodes are of high quality and are available in colour temperatures from warm white to cool white.