Revolutionary new technology in a stylish and minimalist design

“The Plane” is a Danish designed light fixture based on a new patented technology that enables efficient LED lights built in to only 6.5 mm aluminum plates.


Suspended light fixtures are often used where light is concentrated on a particular area and result in a higher level of light than the general light level.


In some areas such as entrances in buildings, over the dining table at home and in certain office environments, a pendant is perceived as a piece of furniture, due to the suspended position and presence in the room, which means the design is often a decisive factor in our choice of light fixture.


Most pendants mainly have downwards focused light which often means there is need for more general lighting in addition to the light produced by the pendant.
The previously known light sources and technologies have historically had great influence on size and design of a light fixture, because reflectors are needed to direct the light and shield the light source from glare, and very importantly the heat from the light source must be derived efficiently to preserve the projected life of the light source.
There are many interpretations of incorporating these features in an aesthetic design.


LED technology has enabled much more compact design, still limited by the requirement for heat dissipation which is critical to the durability of the LED diode.
There are often relatively large aluminium structures around the more powerful Led-diodes (especially the rear) to effectively remove heat and maintain lifetime.

Led Ibond can with their patented technologies offer unprecedented opportunities for design in lighting, and for LESSS this is a technology that is perfect for pendants / suspended lamps, since it eliminates some of the previous design restrictions.


The Company

LESSS is a newly established company that offers groundbreaking lighting products for the private household and small businesses.

In LESSS, we wish that our lighting has a positive impact on the customers’ surroundings, so that you can enjoy the products daily. Our combined shop and showroom is located at Frederiksberg Alle 42, 1820 Frederiksberg C, where we show and demonstrate a range of products.

A product from LESSS is a long-term investment since the life of the product in fully lit state is over 100,000 hours,  has the best materials, the best technology and the best components included in the products.


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E-mail: sofie@lesss.dk