the Plane has landed

Minimalist lighting, redefined – revolutionary new technology in a stylish and minimalist design

The Plane is a Danish designed light fixture based on a new patented technology enabling efficient LED lights to be built into just 6mm thick aluminum plates, and a new magnetic suspension system – allowing for an easy install process

Redefined minimalism | At only 6mm thickness, the Plane is near invisible to the eye and shows as a beautiful clean thin line where it hangs. It is one of the slimmest luminaires on the market, enabled by award-winning technology from LED iBond – a lamp minimal in design but truly maximal in effect.

Longer lifetime | The technology allows unique cooling of the LEDs from aluminum plates resulting in a significantly longer lifetime, meaning instead of the typical 50.000 hours by conventional LED solutions, the Plane has a doubled lifetime of 100.000 hours.

4 versions | Available in 2 finishes and 4 versions in total, 2 in a transparent raw version, allowing a peek at the technology, with tracks being visible; and 2 in an ultra-sleek laminated version.

Customisable design | The surface of the laminated version can be entirely customised. The Plane can be laminated not only in colour but also with a company logo and even wood and stone varieties – only the imagination limits the possibilities.


The Plane is designed with LED lights on the top and bottom side of the lamp, with the light emmission equal on both sides, enabling the user to switch between direct and indirect lighting. Using uplight allows for a spacious lighting and the downlight illuminates effective and plentiful whether for work or decorative purposes.

At LESSS we are convinced that the light need is individual and ever changing, and with the Plane we are therefore able to, independently, determine the intensity of both the upwards and downwards light via a user-friendly App for the tablet or smartphone.


Magnetic suspension

Electrical cords are usually a necessity, but with the Plane you only need conventional cord to the canopy, and therefore is not a disruptive element to the minimalist design. The power is transmitted through the wire suspension and passes through the thin aluminum plate to each LED diode. The wires are adjustable and fixed magnetically, so the lamp itself can be adjusted, taken down and re-suspended in seconds, allowing for quick and easy installation.


(down-light only)

DKK 4.000

DKK 5.500

(up- and down-light)

DKK 6.000

DKK 7.500

about LESSS

LESSS is a newly established company offering groundbreaking lighting products to private households and small businesses. Our aim is that our lighting has a positive impact on our customers’ surroundings, so they can enjoy our products daily. A product from LESSS is a long-lasting investment as the life of the product in fully lit state is over 100.000 hours, and is made of only the best materials, technology and components.

Our partner

LED technology has enabled much more compact design, still limited by the requirement for heat dissipation which is critical to the durability of the LED diode. There are often relatively large aluminium structures around the more powerful LED diodes to effectively remove heat and maintain lifetime.

LED iBond can with their patented technologies offer unprecedented opportunities for design in lighting, and for LESSS this is a technology that is perfect for pendants / suspended lamps, since it eliminates some of the previous design restrictions, and thus resulting in the Plane.

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